XIII not turning Japanese for the Xbox360

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So if you’re a PS3 fanboy…yeah, this is the time to do your victory dance. Go on. Be it the funky chicken or the sprinkler, whichever absurdly inappropriate knee-buckling shuffle you prefer…do it now! For now you finally have something to gloat about.

Okay…kinda. It’s not that big. It’s not even close to something like aliens descending upon earth or the announcement of a size even bigger than Supersize. I mean, that’s just ridiculous. How could you finish a bigger drink, let alone the fries? Sorry, back to the point.

So, the next iteration of Final Fantasy is still coming to Xbox360, however, it will only feature the dubbed English voice track. Why you ask? PS3 fanboys…ready for that dance?

In a recent Q&A with IGN, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that without the kind of memory available on Blu-ray, there’s simply not enough room on the 360 to implement two vocal tracks.

He added,

“Are there many people who would like to play with Japanese voices?”

 See, this is that point in time where you either put two thumbs on your chest and yell out abruptly: “This guy right here!” or you just kinda smirk and say: “Japanese voice tracks? I’m English. Who cares?”

Whichever one you might decide, that’s another win for Blu-Ray in my book. And just if you were interested…yes, I’m dancing. Do the funky chicken. Go. Go. Go.

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

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