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Yoshida surprised by Resolutiongate

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Resolutiongate has taken a lot of us by surprise. Once all the DRM and always online issues were removed, the two consoles seemed really similar. Shuhei Yoshida was also surprised at the difference in resolution.

Speaking to Games Industry, Yoshida explains that despite leaks earlier this year about console specs, he was surprised to see such a big difference in performance:

Since the beginning of this year when we saw leaks [about the specs] of next-gen platforms, we immediately knew since the tech specs on PS4 were accurate that the Xbox specifications were likely accurate as well. So we knew at that point that we had much more raw power… So I was hoping from earlier this year that when games come out from third-parties – because that’s the best example, to look at the same game on different platforms – if there’s any slight performance difference on the two systems I’ll be very happy. I wasn’t expecting something like [what happened with] Call of Duty, 720p versus 1080p – that’s a significant difference. Or Battlefield 4, which is 900 versus 720 – 900 requires 50 percent more pixels to be rendered.

Yoshida goes on to explain that while most people probably can’t tell whether they’re looking at something in 720p or 1080p unless they are in the industry or hardware nerds, resolution can make a big difference. For example, shooters on consoles will have greater accuracy due to improved clarity in the graphics while racing games will give an improved draw distance, giving the player greater anticipation for what’s to come. In this way, graphics can have a direct affect on the gameplay experience. He goes on to say that things will continue to improve graphically with the PS4:

There are a lot of hidden powers in our system. You may be familiar with GPGPU and PS4 has a lot more GPGPU processing in it, which is difficult to learn and master, similar to a Cell processor. So every year the games on PS4 will perform better because most of the launch teams probably didn’t use GPGPU – they probably just used core graphics. So when the developers [use more of these] in two to three years the graphics will be really amazing.

I’m curious to see how this all plays out. Personally, I still want both consoles. However, I will be waiting for local launches, which means I will only get an Xbox One next year. I’m curious to see which console I end up using most – that Xbox controller is fantastic, but will it be enough to lure me from the PS4’s graphics? Or will all the kinks be ironed out by the time Xbox One launches in South Africa and both consoles will be nearly identical? I suppose only time will tell.

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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