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Swedish developer Southend Interactive is working on an Xbox Live Arcade game called ilomilo. It looks super-cute, super-cheerful and super-awesome. It’s a puzzle game with a unique art style and quirky characters. It’ll also feature a number of cameo appearances by other game characters, such as Super Meat Boy.

If you have a Windows Phone 7, then you can play ilomilo for free right now. What’s that? You don’t have a Windows Phone 7? Oh well, good thing you can play the unreleased Xbox LIve Arcade version right now as well. “What? That makes no sense!” we hear you cry out in disbelief. It’s true though! All you need to do is go to a super-secret website.

Here’s the link you need: super-secret website. Once you’re there, hit the big green shiny button and enter the verification code. Once the website has confirmed you’re not an AI entity planning world decimation by stockpiling all the free ilomilo codes, you’ll be given a code of your own! Then head onto your Xbox, log in to Live and enter the code. Presto! You’ll get access to the trial version of ilomilo even though there’s no release date. If the game rocks you in your rocking spot then you can unlock the full game immediately for 800 MS points. Get the full game before it’s even released – ingenious marketing strategy!

I was playing this last night; it’s really neat! The puzzles are fairly easy to begin with, but as the demo chapter progresses, the difficulty creeps ever higher and higher. Sneaky bugger. Give it a go; if it doesn’t make your brain tingle, then it’ll definitely make you think “Awwww, they’re so cute!” And if it doesn’t do that, then you have no soul.

Soure: Joystiq

Last Updated: November 29, 2010

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