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You Can’t Train With Us: Reddit has officially declared a popularity rating for all 800 Pokemon

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Over 50,000 Redditors participated in the online survey to finally answer the question God himself shrugged at: Who is everyone’s’ favourite Pokemon?


With over 800 of the little buggers running around, it seems that the expression “Every Pokemon is someone’s favourite,” a common phrase thrown around the community, does make a great deal of sense. We’ve been playing these games for decades, following these imprisoned monsters on Gameboys, taking pictures of them on the Game Cube and even discovering new pals to this day thanks to Netflix offering up the newer seasons. With so many unique creatures, I find it incredibly difficult to settle on a favourite. Some days I’m a Vulpix kinda guy, on others I take a shine to Hitmonlee. Hell, I’ve been known to support Koffing from time to time. He’s just so enthusiastic, how could you not?


The question of favourite Pokemon was posed to the community’s subreddit in the way of a poll with user mamamia1001 compiling a list of all 800 Pokemon and asking participants to vote for the favourites. Over 52 000 people took part in the survey, scouring the list of combative animals to settle on one they loved more than any other. The results were tallied and the top ten on that list…well, they’re not exactly surprising:

  1. Charizard — 1,107 votes
  2. Gengar — 1,056 votes
  3. Arcanine — 923 votes
  4. Bulbasaur — 710 votes
  5. Blaziken — 613 votes
  6. Umbreon — 607 votes
  7. Lucario — 604 votes
  8. Gardevoir — 585 votes
  9. Eevee — 581 votes
  10. Dragonite — 551 votes

What’s interesting is that 60% of the top ten list comes from the first generation of Pokemon, obviously revealing some form of nostalgia bias. This is to be expected, of course people will more likely gravitate to those that have been part of the canon for longer, but Blaziken? Thing is just a pair of over-starched pants don’t @ me. Perhaps the most heart breaking result is discovering that “Every Pokemon is someone’s favourite” isn’t all that true, because there are exactly 4 that didn’t receive a single vote.

1. Silcoon

2. Gothita

3. Eelektrik

4. Yungoos


I will be the first to admit that I can only really picture Silcoon in my head and that’s because of its freaky eye. Let us all pour one out for this short list of Pokemon that will never be invited to any parties as they skulk back to their respective corners in the classroom, DUNCE hat perched firmly on their heads.

Last Updated: June 25, 2019

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