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You could soon earn real rewards for your Xbox achievements

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I don’t quite “get” Achievement (and by extension, Trophy)  hunters; those people who’ll replay absolutely asinine, dull-as-ditchwater sections of games in pursuit of Gamerscore. Never really seen the point, beyond braggardly digital penis-waving. that could soon change – with Microsoft possibly offering rewards for Achievements.

The official Xbox Live Rewards twitter account made the announcement yesterday, saying “Coming Fall: a new way to earn Rewards based on your Achievements!”

For those of you unaware, the Xbox Live Rewards program gives you MS points based on the transactions you make on Xbox Live. If you’re signed up , simple acts like renewing your annual subscription, buying MS points and spending those points on specific games nets you free MS points. It is, to my knowledge, not available for South African accounts – but those of us on US and UK accounts can certainly take part; I’ve received a couple of hundred points just for doing the things I normally do on Xbox Live.

Soon, those rewards might extend to Achievements, but will Microsoft actually give out MS points for achievements, or will they start handing out Avatar fluff and backgrounds? Whichever, it’ll make the quest for Gamerscore a little more noble in that you’ll actually get something out of it, beyond a twisted sense of accomplishment. one’s also left wondering if the rewards will be backdated; it would suck for those who’ve already amassed monumental scores to miss out – while those who’ve yet to experience the joys of games like Hanna Montana and Avatar: the Last Airbender get a free ride on the easy points train.

What sort of rewards would Microsoft have to dish out to turn you in to an avid Achievement hunter?

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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