You don’t need Kinect for Just Dance 2015

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Just dance 2015

I don’t have a Kinect for my Xbox 360, nor do I have a camera for my PlayStation 4. I don’t even have the PlayStation Move controllers. I know, I’m a strange, couch-dwelling kind of console gamer. However, even I can play Just Dance 2015 without buying any new accessories.

Thanks to a free Motion Controller app for your iPhone or Android devices, you can turn your phone into your controller and play with up to four people on the PS4 or six people on the Xbox One. Beyond the gameplay experience of Kinect or PlayStation Camera, your smartphone can also be used to keep score. It all works via Wi-Fi – just download the app, open it up and make sure your smartphone is hooked to the same Wi-Fi network as your console and it will automatically detect your console. Hit play, hold your phone in your right hand and dance your heart out.

Similar mechanisms are used for Singstar, which lets you use your smartphone as your mic. I think this is really clever – people often avoid buying these types of games because they require so many add ons. However, we all (except Darryn) own smartphones, so this is a quick and easy solution. Plus, holding my phone in my hand reminds me of the teenage girl phenomenon of singing into your hairbrush – it’s just so casual and natural. It almost makes me want to get Just Dance 2015… for testing purposes only, I promise.

Do you like this development, or would you rather just see all the dancing and singing games using whatever extra tools that they require? Do you already own the full set of cameras, move controllers and microphones?

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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