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You got some Devil May Cry in my Dragons Dogma

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Take a look at the store shelves, and you’ll see plenty of fantasy games lined up next to various generic copies of current war shooter 3 and a half. It’s a popular genre, and it has managed to encompass various styles of play, from the first person of The Elder Scrolls, to the Gears of war influence found in Hunted: The Demons Forge.

But fantasy games that rely more on dynamic real time combat than casting the right spell are few and far between, and that’s something that Dragons Dogma is going to address when it launches.

Speaking to Siliconera, Dragons Dogma producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi explained how his previous work on Devil May Cry 4 has influenced the direction for the upcoming fantasy game.

“The core design team came from Devil May Cry 4, including the director, Hideaki Itsuno”. The influences from that game are pretty strong in here. We didn’t want to just take the Devil May Cry system and throw it in this game. We wanted to take the influence of that game”.

Anyone familiar with control scheme from the DMC series will feel instantly at home with the gameplay and controls of Dragons Dogma, Kobayashi added. “We looked at what we did in Devil May Cry, for example the way Dante and Nero interact with the enemies. We took what’s good about fighting enemies up close and personal and tried to put that in Dragon’s Dogma”.

Kobayashi then went on to explain how the mixture of signature Capcom action mechanics and an open world fantasy sandbox environment created a unique challenge, but fun, challenge for the design team.

“The fact that you have an open world and the main character can go and do whatever he wants in this world, it gave birth to the idea that he’s fighting enemies and he should be able to fight them in anyway that he wants and so we came up with the idea of the grab mechanic”, Kobayashi said. “He can climb on these enemies and fight them how ever he chooses”.

“I think the freedom which you can fight creatures is one of the main selling points of Dragon’s Dogma. We wanted it to feel like you’re the hero in a movie and you can do whatever you want while fighting”.

Kobayashi kept quiet on the customisation options for DD, but he did reveal that there would be three primary classes backed up by unique prestige specialisations, allowing for players to mix and match according to their preferences.

As for other details, Capcom is keeping that secret, as they want the rest of the game to be a “Surprise”.

Source: Siliconera via VG247


Last Updated: September 2, 2011

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