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You will play as 3 people simultaneously in GTA V

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So how are Rockstar going to change Grand Theft Auto enough to make it exciting for returning players and to make sure it doesn’t just feel like GTA 4.5? Well how about letting you play as 3 protagonists.. at the same time?

If a video interview with Dan Houser of Rockstar Games is being translated correctly then that is exactly what we can expect to experience when GTA V is released later this year.

According to the interview you will be playing as Michael, Trevor and Franklin in the game. Michael and Trevor are former bank robbers while Franklin is much younger and is aspiring to become like them. As you play you will be able to switch between your characters with the AI taking over where you left off and keeping things moving along.

How this is going to work is beyond me at the moment and I’m guessing there will be times when you are forced to stay within the character to complete missions. It’s an interesting concept that could either add a lot of excitement to the game or drag it down with the complexity of handling 3 characters at once.

Not much more has been said about the game yet but some of the press in Europe have been given a hands off pre-screening of the title which means Rockstar is now turning on the marketing machine and we can expect more information to be dripped our of Rockstar HQ in the coming weeks.

I’m still guessing for a late April release date but unless we hear about some hands on events before the end of March then that release date is going to be moved out.

Last Updated: January 29, 2013

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