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You won’t need to break the bank for a PlayStation 4

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When the PlayStation 3 launched, it did so at a ridiculous cost; $600 in the US, £425 in the UK and R6,599.95 here in South Africa. that is a lot of money for a console – made all the worse by then-PlayStation boss Ken Kutaragi saying that people should work two jobs to buy one. Sony, it seems, has learned from its mistake – and will be launching the PlayStation 4 at a much more affordable price-point.

According to a report by the Times citing industry sources and “leaked internal documents,” the PlayStation 4 – expected to be announced this week – will launch in the UK at a much nicer price of  £300. That means we could quite reasonably expect to see the PS4 to retail locally for around R4599 at launch.

On top of that, its widely expected that we’ll see the PlayStation 3  receive a considerable price cut, approaching mass-market pricing of $199, which would have the console selling locally at around the
R2 000 mark.

As for what your money will buy you? A nicely specced console, capable of producing “high end” graphics, that’s much easier to program for; a newly redesigned controller with a touch-pad and speaker and a twin-camera set-up for expanded motion control capabilities, Gaikai-based game streaming – and quite possibly The Last Guardian.

If the rumours are true – and I hope they are, it means that my “next-gen console fund” might even have enough in it for a game or two.

Last Updated: February 19, 2013

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