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You’ll get to play as a psychotic midget in the next Darkness game

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If there’s one thing most people remember about the first Darkness game, its that main character Jackie Estacado was often accompanied by several of his darkness-spawned minions. Players could use them in various ways throughout that game, and they were a lively bunch of insane murderers.

With the sequel due next year, players once again play as Estacado, but this time, we’re going to get to indulge in some height-challenged murder shenanigans as well, as we step into the darkness-spawned shoes of a darkling.

According to Joystiq, players will have to solve several puzzles during Jackie Estacado’s mission of vengeance, and some situations will require him to send a darkling off to do some dirty work.

They’re context-sensitive scenarios, and players will have to avoid bright lights and enemies, while finding the right path to let Jackie into locked areas. Enemies can be taken out with a quick stealth attack, making these puzzle environments a bit of a combat zone as well.

It sounds like a great idea in practice, and much like the hacking mini-game in Deus Ex Human Revolution, it sounds damn addictive as well. The Darkness 2 is due out early next year on all major platforms.

Last Updated: October 12, 2011

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