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You’ll only get to play The Division and Destiny late 2014

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Hurry up and wait

This year’s E3 showed off a lot of pretty new games. Two games which people are really excited about are the MMO shooters (although apparently they don’t like being called MMOs) The Division and Destiny. However, we still have a long while to wait before we get to pew pew with friends.

While they have always said that The Division would be releasing in 2014, I think a lot of people were hoping it would be early to mid 2014. Now it appears that we will only be getting a taste of post-apocalyptic New York in late 2014. At least it will be coming to PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One. Small consolation, but any little bit helps.

Meanwhile, Bungie had previously told us that we could sink our teeth into the Destiny beta at the end of this year, with the full game coming early next year. Well, now Bungie has changed their tune. In a statement on the Bungie site, they explain that Destiny marked a new beginning for Bungie, letting them go in a new direction with new IP. I suppose that new direction is taking them longer to build than previously anticipated. The Beta will now only kick off in the summer (northern hemisphere, so our winter) 2014. Destiny will launch worldwide on 9 September, coming first to Playstation. I hope the longer development time means that you might actually see Destiny on PC – it seems strange that they would exclude PC gamers like that.

Well, that’s a disappointment. Another year of seeing trailers and hints without any chance to play the game? These guys are just teases. I just hope that the games can live up to the hype being created. And considering that they will be online and multiplayer, they’d both better get busy ensuring their servers are able to handle the load.

Last Updated: December 9, 2013

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