Your Destiny Beta character is dead

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The Destiny Beta was an awesome experience for most of you – you made your perfect guardian (or three) and go in on all the exploration and destruction. You maybe even bonded with your guardian; you did create him/her after all. Well, it’s time to shed a tear. Your guardian is dead.

In a new post from Bungie we received a lengthy eulogy for the guardians of the Beta. For those who were too dense to realize, they clarified by saying that your Beta characters won’t transfer to the final version of Destiny, and the vaults have been cleaned out, too. While they recognize that this is a painful experience, it’s one that they are mourning as well. Bungie designer Tyson Green explained:

Since the Beta, we’ve continued to tune and adjust the game. The way you earn experience has been adjusted up and down a bunch of times. Items have been added and removed. New features toggled. Although there’s no single monumental change, the sum of the tweaks leaves characters from the Beta Build in strange shape that would be confusing at best, broken at worst.

I suppose this is a good sign – this means that they really have made significant tweaks to the game. We aren’t just getting an expanded Beta; we’re getting a whole new experience that will be even more enjoyable. Besides, perhaps it’s a good thing to experience the full game from start (character creation) to finish. The more dedicated among you probably levelled up all possible character to the level eight cap – now you can start all over again with a brand new experience.

Destiny is only a short while away – are you amped for the game, or are you still waiting for the hype train to come pick you up?

Last Updated: August 11, 2014

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