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You’re going to pay thhiiiiisss much for a PS Vita

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[UPDATE: Memory Card prices have been located and added]

So, who’s ready to part with their cash? If you’re fanatical about your gaming, then you have no doubt set your eyes on the latest handheld console from Sony, the PS Vita, which hits our shores next year in March.

Early reports on the device seem positive, and with two flavours, one in Wi-Fi and the other in 3G, you can bet that there is some serious hardware underneath the hood of that console. But how much will it cost you?

Here’s a round up on prices revealed so far through local channels.

Give or take a hundred rand here or there, prices seem uniform across the board so far, with the Wi-Fi only model clocking in at under R3000. So far, prices are;

Kalahari.net: R2699.95

Takealot.co.za: R2799

Wantitall.co.za: R2994.51

Of course, all the cool kids want unlimited access to international multiplayer gaming, so the 3G version will be a must for the hip crowd. Prices so far are under the R4000 range, with retailers listing the device for:

Kalahari.net: R3299.95 (Pre-order price, regular price R3799.95)

Takealot.co.za: R3499

Wantitall.co.za: R3604.81

You’re going to need a memory card to play the majority of games as well, and much like we surmised previously, they aren’t going to be cheap, due to the proprietary technology that Sony is implementing. Kalahari.net has the following prices listed for the cards;

4Gig: R277.95

16Gig: R661.95

32Gig: R833.95

Now, bear in mind that these prices are highly subjective to change, much like a central African presidential term/dictatorship/regime, so don’t be surprised if the price starts rising or dropping. There’s no word yet on prices for games or memory cards, but we’ll keep you up to date the moment we get the information.

Last Updated: December 13, 2011

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