Yup, Far Cry 3’s getting a day one patch too

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It’s being hailed as one of the year’s best games, and a genre-defining sandbox shooter, but that doesn’t mean Far Cry 3 is without its share of problems. Ubisoft’s confirmed that the game, which releases locally tomorrow and in the US next week will receive a day-one patch.

The patch is coming to the PC version of the game, bringing it to version 1.01. Ubisoft says its a “critical update that needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience”. It also means those with terrible internet connections will have bought a broken game.

Here’s what the patch fixes:


  • Improved overall Multiplayer stability and performance.
  • Added SHOW TOP, SHOW YOU, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN options in Leaderboards.
  • Fix the voice chat issue that would mute players by default.
  • Lobby chat can now be accessed when a controller is connected.


  • Fixed graphical issues on loading screen hints.
  • Fixed the issue that would prevent maps from being displayed or randomized the first time a user enters Public Co-op.
  • Health regeneration option no longer has inverted functionality.
  • “Flare gun” kills are no longer considered as Assist kills.


  • Fixed ground texture resolution.
  • Grass surrounding fire spawns no longer remain red on Firestorm maps.

Map Editor

  • Improved white objects thumbnails legibility.
  • Users can now start a private match in 1 player on user created maps.

Single Player

  • Improved game stability and performance.
  • Fixed issues with flickering on specific water textures.
  • Fixed small UI glitches related to different display resolutions.
  • “Weapon cache” mission: Mission Zone and Mission Marker no longer stays on mini-map and on screen after mission completion.
  • Crafting items are now auto selected when entering a new crafting category.
  • Added sound when zooming in and out the camera with the mouse scroll button.

There’s no word on whether or not  patches for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox360 versions are coming, or even necessary It might be a little broken, but that doesn’t mean it’s in any way a bad game, as its review scores indicate. Here’s the game’s 10 minute launch trailer too; so grab some coffee, and head with us to Rook Island for a while…

Last Updated: November 29, 2012

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