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Zachary Levi Signed On To Host 2011 VGA Awards

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Finally, the VGAs are getting the host that it should have had all along. If you didn’t know, Zachary Levi is that bloke that you might know better as the guy who plays the lead role in the TV series Chuck.

He isn’t just a pretty face though, as Levi is one heck of a huge gamer. I actually bumped into Joshua Gomez (who plays his friend Morgan in the show) at E3 last year and had a chat with him and it turns out that him and Levi attend almost every gaming expo that they can get their butts to.

Zachary Levi also started a great line of cool things to buy for geeks called Nerd Machine (I love my Nerd Machine cap way too much) and has also done voice work for some games including Fallout: New Vegas and Halo Reach.

According to the report on the Hollywood Reporter (via GameInformer), Viacom’s Casey Patterson has a few things to say about Levis involvement in the show:

“Zac Levi is an avid gamer who is truly a part of gaming culture and understands the fans,”

“He has great ideas about this year’s show. Zac is all about honoring the year in gaming and ushering in the future by showcasing massive world premieres at this year’s event. We’re excited to be working with Zac. “

Well, after this news I’m actually looking forward to the VGAs as Zach Levi really is a gamer just like the rest of us, albeit with one heck a of soapbox to stand on and get his voice out there and it’s guys like him who are pushing gaming ahead in the eyes of the masses.

Let’s hope that he brings something cool to the table and makes sure that gamers just like himself get the kind of show that we should be seeing by now.

Now if only they could get Yvonne Strahovski to co-host. Mmmmmm.

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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