ZombiU will make you want a Wii U

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Meet up at the Winchester?

There’s much pontificating as to just how powerful the Wii U is. Microsoft  has dismissed it as being little more than a 360, while Nintendo’s said it’ll compare favourable with both Sony and Microsoft’s next generation systems. Having one hands on with the system a couple of times, i can quite confidently state that I DON’T CARE.

The Wii U offers me great experiences. One of those experiences is ZombiU from Ubisoft – which really is an incredible game, and of the system’s launch highlights. We’ve had some time with it, and walked away impressed. It’s tense, atmospheric – and utilises the Wii’s tablet gamepad in some rather interesting ways.

Here’re two new trailers for the game that’ll make you want the system too. It’s the best kind of trailer there is; no silly CGI, no WUB WUB WUB or celebrity endorsements – just pure, unedited direct feed gameplay footage (and it looks amazing).

Wondering if the Wii U’s powerful? This’ll answer that question.

Last Updated: July 16, 2012

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