Zynga sues Bang With Friends

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Just when I thought Facebook apps had reached an all-time low, I find out about Bang with Friends.  But don’t worry, Zynga is suing them – how dare they use the “with Friends” phrase?

Bang with Friends is a Facebook (and Android and iOS) app that lets you:

Anonymously find friends who are down for the night

Yup, you can find Facebook friends who are keen through this anonymous app.  That just creeps me out as it is. But I suppose, if you can imagine it, people have made it on the internet.  In any event, Zynga is not happy about this. Zynga filed their complaint in federal court in San Francisco, saying that the makers of the casual sex app had selected the name with the Zynga trademarks in mind.  Zynga makes the games Words with Friends and Chess with Friends.  

Zynga makes family friendly, social games, but has seen a marked decline in the last year. I’m still not convinced Don Mattrick can turn this around. Maybe they missed the boat on this one – imagine the micro-transactions they could have gotten out of Bang With Friends!  But I suppose, it’s not the size of the transaction, it’s how you use it.

Last Updated: July 31, 2013

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