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College Admissions Consultants and Where to Find Them

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Navigating the admissions process can be overwhelming. Being accepted into a top college depends on how you market yourself as an applicant. Top scores alone are not enough today to get you into a top college. This is why you may need the help of a college admissions consultant. Some of them specialize in admission to Ivy League schools like Princeton or Harvard. Others take a more general approach. They will assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you to get into an institution where you can thrive. Their educational expertise and guidance can help you to improve your undergraduate opportunities.

What is a college admission consultant? 

Many consultants are former admissions officers or administrators. They know the field well and want to use this knowledge to guide applicants through the application process. Most of them have a strong academic background and use proven strategies based on data. They have the ability to communicate effectively with students. 

Where can you find college admission consultants?

Most consultants work for admission consulting firms. These firms are often highly selective about who they recruit and only accept those who have the right education and experience. 

One of the best ways to find a college admission consultant is to read third-party reviews about the firms they work for. EduReviewer offers college admissions consultants reviews on EduReviewer to help you make the best choice. These reviews cover some of the best college admission consulting firms. These include top firms like A-List, Prep Expert, and Prep Scholar. You can see a comparison table on the site that clearly shows details like star ratings and prices. It is easy to identify special features each firm offers, such as free consultations or good customer support. 

Why hire a college admissions consultant?

The help of an expert can be invaluable, as many career guidance counselors in schools are overburdened. Without guidance, students may limit themselves to schools without a competitive process or go to the first college that accepts them. What do college consultants do?

  • They offer you a personalized plan to succeed in high school and can help you to prepare for standardized tests. Some companies offer tutoring in areas where you need to improve. You may receive educational resources or the opportunity to do online courses. 
  • They will help you to choose a college that best matches you as an individual and not just as an applicant. 
  • They will help you to fill in applications, write admissions essays and prepare for interviews. Essays are an important part of the process so you may seek professional help for this.
  • The process of applying to different colleges is time-consuming. They will help you to organize your applications and make sure you submit all materials on time. 

How to choose the best?

There is no ranking system for the best consultants, although some national magazines offer their own rankings. This can make it harder to make a choice. So what should you look for?

Academic background: You want to know that the person guiding you has a good academic pedigree and experience in writing to help you write your admissions essay. 

Experience: Find out whether they worked in a college admissions office. Check how many years of experience they have. Experience matters a lot in handling a sensitive thing like college admission. Check online reviews to confirm the experience. 

Results: The best college consultant firms use data from real admissions results, so they know what works during the admissions process. They will do continuous research and keep up with admission trends, says USNews. Their results will show how successful they are in getting students accepted at the colleges they want to attend. 

Free consultations: Most consulting firms offer a free initial consultation so the consultant and student can get to know one another before moving forward. Students and college admissions expert must be able to collaborate well to narrow down school choices and strategize on how to tackle the admissions process. 

A personalized approach: The best consultants provide complete, personalized attention to each applicant. It’s important to find out more about how the process will work with the consultant you choose. Will you feel free to ask the questions you need answers for? Will the consultant drive the process, or will it be up to you? Does the consultant have experience in placing applicants like you?


The college admissions process is a rigorous one and requires you to take many steps as a potential applicant. The first step is to identify a major that interests you and the colleges to which you want to apply. You also have to fill in admission forms and write an application essay. The whole process is complex, and it can be hard to stand out from the competition. It is usually worth the money to hire a college admissions consultant. This will improve your chances of acceptance at a college of your choice.  

Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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