Community meet up: Come meet us in Cape Town this Friday!

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This coming weekend the Mother City hosts the highly-anticipated FanCon 2017, a time where everyone can get their geek on in the safety of Cape Town’s International Convention Center. In build up to this Kervyn has been hard at work interviewing organisers and offering free tickets while I’ve been enjoying the buzz in the air not associated with my tinnitus.

We also have some Critical Hit crew in the area and they’d love to meet you. No, really, they would! “Meet REAL people?” you ask. Why, yes… We are not just virtual figments of your work-tired mind but people with dreams, aspirations, and even feelings; Trevor has yet to display any of the latter though.

This Friday 28th April we would love to say “Hi” to you all and will be meeting at the River Club in Observatory, Cape Town. I’ve booked a table for 5pm so if you are in the area, then please pop by for a drink, a bite to eat and a good ol’ time. Noelle, Trevor, Kervyn, Zoe, Tracy, Darryn and moi will be there to prove that Critical Hit is not just some front for a money-laundering syndicate and we really want you to believe that. Some regular commentators will also be in attendance so you may finally meet that person you’ve been trolling for the past 5 years, for better or worse!


  • Friday 28th April at 17:00
  • River Club
  • Liesbeek Parkway & Observatory Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
  • Phone: 081 249 7549

I’ve booked a table under Nick so just ask a waiter and they’ll lead you to a loud space filled with beer. We hope to see you there!

Last Updated: April 25, 2017

Nick Reay

I have been an avid fan of movies ever since I discovered Santa Clause wasn't real, a day marked in my memory by my first viewing of It's a Wonderful Life, which wasn't so wonderful that day. Since then I've watched thousands of movies and even fooled my parents into putting me through uni to get a degree in the subject. I first started writing as a journalist for The South African Newspaper before moving onto communications for an NGO trying to save the planet. Unfortunately my recommendations to the CEO that we should all don rings imbued with the powers of earth, fire, wind, water and HEART went unheard. Now I pretend the end isn't nigh by hiding in movies.

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