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First Recording Session In London: 8 Essential Tips For Vocalists

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When you begin a career as a vocalist in music, there comes a time when you need to find a London recording studio. Many musicians dread recording sessions as the pressure of getting everything perfect in the allotted time can lead to a lot of stress which takes away from the fun of recording for the first time. It can be a nerve-racking experience for someone who is new to recording studios, but with a bit of practice and our essential tips, you will love the time you spend in a recording studio.

Record Your Practice

When you’re about to embark on something new, the unknown can be the most daunting part of the experience. The best way to get used to working in a recording studio is to record yourself at home. Set up in a quiet part of your home with a laptop, audio interface, and a microphone; you could also use a computer and a USB microphone to get started. Then all you need to do is recreate the potential atmosphere of a studio; use an appropriate backing track, metronome, and anything else you might need when you record a practice session. Once you get used to recording yourself at home, when the red light comes on, you’ll be able to confidently perform during your professional recording session instead of letting your nerves get the better of you. If you’re still looking for the perfect place to record your music, Pirate.com have a phenomenal space for every type of musician in their recording studio in London.

Embrace The Sound Of Your Voice

Most vocalists hate hearing the sound of their recorded voice, but this dislike can work against you when working to achieve the best results in the studio. Often those who hate hearing their own voice find themselves focused on their insecurities during the session, which can be counterproductive when working on a project. Developing your confidence is a mixture of being self-aware and loving yourself; this is another reason why recording your practice sessions is vital, as it gives you the opportunity to get used to hearing your own voice. Listening back to practice sessions is critical for identifying any flaws or weaknesses in your vocals as well as pinpointing your strengths. Once you have an objective view of how your voice sounds, you will be able to work towards improving your weaker areas as well as feeling good about where your strengths lie. Developing your skills as a vocalist is a journey and takes as much practice as those who play instruments. Don’t allow your insecurities to derail a recording session; the more you record and practice, the better your voice will get.

Address Your Miking Technique

Practice makes perfect when it comes to your voice, and the same can be said about your miking technique. A proper miking technique will provide you with the best results for quality recording during your sessions in the studio. It’s crucial to be mindful of your distance to the mic during your sessions; control your dynamics by leaning in during the quieter parts of a song and pulling back when you hit the louder sections, as this will give you the perfect consistency in volume levels. It is also essential that you consider your timing, dictation and enunciation to achieve the best results.

Prepare Before You Go

Familiarising yourself with what it’s like to record yourself as well as working on your miking technique are only part of the preparation you need when it comes to recording in a studio. It’s vital that you rehearse before every session to ensure that you can make the most out of your allotted time. Decide what you are going to sing and practice your set before you stand in front of the mic during the session; this will save you valuable time in the studio as you won’t need to make last-minute changes or decisions in the middle of a set. The studio is not the place to learn a new song, and remember to bring everything you might need with you, such as backing tracks or lyrics, to ensure you can walk in and begin without any setbacks.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is vital for a vocalist; always allow yourself time to get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and avoid anything that could affect your voice before the session, such as alcohol or smoking. With proper self-care, you will be energised and ready for your session while keeping your voice on point. Avoid having a heavy meal that could leave you bloated or sluggish as this can affect the quality of your work during your studio time, and no musician likes having to book in to repeat the same work twice.

Warm-Up Your Voice

Every vocalist should be well versed in their warm-up routine, but if you’re still new to the profession, it is crucial that you warm-up your voice before every session regardless of if you are in the studio or at home. A good warm-up will help you sound your best as well as avoiding damage to your vocal cords, according to Wikihow.

Enter The Right Mindset

Many musicians put themselves under tremendous pressure to achieve a perfect recording session. However, the benefit of recording in a studio is that you have the opportunity to try again until you get it right. You may also find that you prefer specific sections from different takes, and you want to splice them together; this is entirely normal when recording music as no take is ever identical. Remember not to be too hard on yourself and that you can always record the take again if needed. 

Put Your Emotion Into It

Due to the pressure, many musicians feel when they work in a recording studio, artists tend to focus on getting the performance perfect and forget to let their emotions flow into the music. Often the best takes are those that convey the most emotion and may not be the ones that are polished to perfection. In fact, it is the imperfections, like when your voice breaks during an emotional section, in a song that can turn a piece of music into a timeless classic as those of the songs that listeners can identify with the most.

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