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How to Frame a Poster

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how to frame a poster
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Posters are not only meant to be stuck to the wall. You can get them framed to protect them from damaging environmental factors and increase their lifespan in the process. Framing a poster, such as a movie poster, can also enhance its beauty and make it look more like a decorative item. Here is the step-by-step guide to how to frame a poster the right way…

Step by Step Guide on How to Frame a Poster

Stick the Poster to an Adhesive Surface

If your poster has been rolled for a long time, it is important to first straighten it before displaying it in the frame. For this purpose, get a foam board, unroll the poster, and stick its edges to the foam board carefully. Make sure no air bubbles form, and if they have formed, make tiny holes with a pin in the foam to remove them.

Remove the Backboard

If there is a backboard at the backside of the frame, remove it and undo the hinges. Use a glass or plexiglass covering at the front to provide poster protection.

Clean the Surface of the Glass or Plexiglass

Many people forget about cleaning the inner surface of the glass before placing the poster. Water or any other substance attached to the glass surface can damage your poster. That is why you should thoroughly clean it, and then dry it with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

Put the Glass/Plexiglass Back into the Frame

Put the glass back before sliding the poster in the frame. Hold the glass such that your hands do not touch its inner side. Otherwise, you may leave your fingerprints, according to Frames.co.uk. You can clean the front side of the glass even after putting the poster in the frame, so do not worry about it at this stage.

Slide and Adjust the Poster in the Frame

Slide your poster carefully into the frame. Make sure its edges are straight, and have not been crooked after sliding it into the frame. Adjust its position and step back to see if it’s balanced or not.

Fix the Poster

Clip or staple the poster, otherwise, it may move inside the frame. You can fix a poster by using staple pins, as well as small clips. While stapling the poster, choose its edges to insert the staple pin. This way, pins will not be visible for the front.

Cover the Back of the Poster with a Poster Backing

If you are using a foam board to cover the backside of your poster, there is no need to get poster backing. If the poster is uncovered from the back, use a posted backing to give it a professional look. The poster backing should be acid-free. If it’s not, it can damage the colour and material of the poster.

Hang Poster on the Wall Carefully

Place the poster backing in its place and hang the frame carefully on the wall at your desired location. Make sure it is balanced. You can also use a balance level tool to bring your frame into the right position. Step back and enjoy the beauty of your poster.

So that’s it! We hope our “how to frame a poster” guide has been useful. Do you have any tips? Let us know!

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

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