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There’s always going to be a war between generations, but let’s face it: This one is the funniest so far. We’ve inherited a world that is on the brink of an ecological collapse, we’ve become indentured peasants to massive corporations and owning a house is far beyond the realm of possibility that we might as well spend our salary on lottery tickets as we hope for the idiot tax to pay off.

Above all else, I think we’ve learnt that we can’t trust our elders. It’s not that their generation has made a series of awful boneheaded mistakes that have resulted in a terrifying future for a younger generation, but it has been their sheer unwillingness to learn from those blunders and help us out. Instead, the boomer generation (Or pretty much anyone older than you who is stubbornly set in their ways and believe that their way is the best way) prefers to point the finger of blame at Generation Z.

Millennials have borne the brunt of their scorn, with our generation being blamed for many an industry collapsing while also being the butt of some truly awful Boomer humour found in dying newspapers. We’ve taken all that on the chin, but at last, we Millennials have come up with a rallying cry of our own:

Ok Boomer.

It’s simple, succinct and already people say its ageist in its use and the old people equivalent of a racial slur. Screw that. If we’ve endured years of ridicule then it’s time for Boomers to get a taste of their own medicine for once, something that the Internet has been brilliant at. Here’s a brief taste of the best meme of the year:

Got any Ok Boomer humour to share? Sound off below, and let’s all have a laugh as the world continues to spiral down a fiery staircase straight into the maw of despair. Hey, laughter is the best medicine.

Last Updated: November 6, 2019

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