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Midweek Mouth-off: Be a Development Hell Hero

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This week’s topic of discussion comes courtesy of a Lotto-inspired Kervyn. If you had the money and power to get any movie made that has long been mired in Development Hell, stalled or even flat out cancelled, what would it be?

Personally, my fortune would be invested in making a live-action Wonder Woman film, done on an appropriately epic scale – complete with grand mythological battles and serious fidelity to the comic source material. It’s not fair that Diana hasn’t had a feature film centered on her by now… and we really need something “wonder”-ful to erase the world’s memory of that awful TV series pilot.

Alternatively, I would like to see a “proper” Catwoman film, focused on our femme fatale’s cat burglar exploits. I see it as a saucy Entrapment-style crime thriller, with plenty of rooftop free running, and a Batman cameo.

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Last Updated: April 4, 2012

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