Midweek Mouth-off: Talking TheMovies.co.za

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TheMovies.co.za has been pumping out film-related content for well over a year now, and Kervyn and Darryn have had to change their underpants many, many times during this period… Hopefully no one is counting. *gulp*

Anyway, today we’re looking for your feedback – what do you like most and least about the site? What content would you like to see more of at TheMovies.co.za? Let us know.

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Last Updated: February 13, 2013

Noelle Adams

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  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    Love the site, great writing; very witty in style, keep it up. Would LOVE (I know it’s called the MOVIES) some more stuff on series, but I don’t think you are keyed towards that! Would be nice if you were able to create a section where readers could comment on movies and grade them, something that would become a database of sorts (think IMDB but more casual and more community based). Otherwise, keep it up folks!

  • Ilden Webber

    There’s actually not a lot I don’t like, which is good.

    However, there’s always room for improvement, I would perhaps like to see more reviews. And not just reviews of movies that are out in the cinema, but perhaps reviews of Blu-ray/DVD releases. Not so much reviews of the actual movie, but perhaps the content on the discs and such. Especially in South Africa where we still often get shafted with additional content, it would be nice to know whether to steer clear of a particular release and rather look at importing instead.

    Another suggestion would be some interviews or features on the local film industry. I’m sure there’s many interesting local people in the industry that can give insight into how things are locally and such.

    • I’d second that: DVD reviews would be nice. But not just additional content. Perhaps some bargain hunting and fishing out some old classics. For example, for a while Look & Listen was pawning off the Lethal weapon boxset for R99. Not much in extra feature, but that is still a steal.

  • Moar Doctor Who news! (I joke I joke)

    I have no criticisms against you guys, since TheMovies.co.za started I’m actually interested in movies again, I’ve gone to the cinema more and watched movies I never thought I’d be interested in! I have you guys to thank for seeing Chronicle, John Carter and Seeking A Friend, all movies I probably would have missed out on otherwise, and I’m sure there’s more.

    I love the random posts, like the Conspiracy Theories, Top List Thursday and Guilty Pleasures.

    Things I’d like to see: I’m the last one to talk because I get ADD and forget to comment on articles, but it would be nice to have more community input, so this is geared towards everyone else reading this. Please join in the discussions!

    Also, what would be cool is maybe some opinion pieces. Things like, your thoughts on the Golden Globes and how this looks for the current Oscars contenders, or how you think the local movie industry is doing, stuff like that.

    • The opinion pieces, and other such original content is definitely something that we want to do more of.

  • Karen S. Smith


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