Midweek Mouth-off: Talking Tarantino

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With the release last Friday of Django Unchained – an unusual Blaxploitation-Spaghetti Western hybrid – today we’re discussing acclaimed writer-director Quentin Tarantino.

What are your thoughts about the filmmaker responsible for the likes of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Death Proof and, most recently, Inglourious Basterds? Is he a genius, hit-and-miss or consistently overrated? What is your favourite Tarantino film, and what is your worst? Let us know.

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Last Updated: January 23, 2013

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  • Tarantino is essentially the fanboy’s fanboy. He’s not making movies for anybody else but himself, crafting out the type of stuff that he loves to watch. And luckily for me, also the stuff I love to watch.

    My favourite film would be hard to pick (though Inglourious Basterds makes a strong case) but I can easily tell you my favourite Tarantino moment though, and it doesn’t even come in one of his big movies.

    In Four Rooms, he directs and stars in the last of four sequences (the previous 3 written and directed by others) and despite how I have immensely mixed feelings about the previous three sequences, his makes the film totally worth it. That moment at the end, as bellboy Tim Roth gets asked to assist Tarantino and Bruce Willis in a bet with some violent consequences cracks me up every single time.

  • i can simply see Tarantino waking up one morning and saying, i want to direct a western.


    Four Rooms sequence was brilliant 🙂

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