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An open letter to Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate Pictures

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Oh <insert studio execs name here> what are you thinking? While I can understand your fixation with money, please value your integrity. We as the movie audience crave to be entertained and pay good money to ensure that those 90 minutes to 3 hours are spent enjoying a quality movie. So, please, I urge you, no beg you, to put any plans on developing new Twilight movie sequels on hold – or cancelled, or as far removed from your minds as possible. I know it was only a thought for now – but we all know where thoughts lead to. You need to stop them.

Yes, I understand they made money – and good money too. But no one wants to be known as a sell-out. When you pass away, you don’t want your legacy to be that you made money, but rather that you brought tears and joy to the lives of so many and made a lasting impact on their lives. Good movies do this. Twilight does not.  I will be nice enough to admit that not everything about the movies were bad and some of the films were probably better than the critics made it out to be. But that still doesn’t excuse you for already having committed five of these things on screen – enough is enough.

I know if my last film had made $829 million, I would be tempted to want to make another one. No, actually I wouldn’t. I would take it, buy an island and shut off from the rest of the world (which can still happen if you lend me some cash). However, just because the last film made money, doesn’t mean the next one will. Look at the Divergent series – it tried to do the same thing and got stale very quickly. This would likely happen to Twilight too, at least I would like to hope so. People are such suckers for poor taste these days.

Just – no!!!

And if you do feel the urge to make a quick buck to ease the pressure on the books, there are plenty of other book franchises to look into. I’ll even help you, here is a list of teenage girl fiction here. Yes Lionsgate, you did a better job with your Hunger Games effort, but the reason the other franchises like Ender’s Game and Warm Bodies didn’t work out is because the world was trying to let you know, that they’ve had enough. Perhaps try and steer away from that target market for a while and give us something fresh instead. Who knows, the next hit market could be hidden inside you?

On second thought, maybe you should remake the first Twilight movie instead of doing any sequels. Only this time, reveal the werewolves and vampires earlier, get them to have an epic climatic battle like in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and inadvertently kill of Kristen Stewart’s Bella at the end. I’d pay to go see that.

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Last Updated: September 27, 2016


  1. Dutch Matrix

    September 27, 2016 at 15:46

    An open letter to themovies.co.za

    Please do not post poop like this and call it an article? I for one can appreciate the logic behind it, but the constant stab at other peoples taste in flicks is, well, in bad taste.


  2. Filmmaker

    September 29, 2016 at 12:12

    This is so funny but I liked the Twilight Saga. So much that I agree: they must NOT make another one


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