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Incredible Connection set to connect the nation to broadband Internet

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Incredible Connection set to connect the nation to broadband Internet

Incredible Connection in conjunction with Branded Internet are poised to change the South African Internet landscape by providing free broadband ADSL data to all customers buying a notebook or PC from an Incredible Connection store, irrespective of the purchase price. This will take effect from the middle of November 2010. 

“The Internet is an integral part of our daily lives,” says Dave Miller, CEO of Incredible Connection, “and as such, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on it to fulfill our communications, entertainment and informational needs. Notwithstanding this, the convergence of data into our homes through music, movies on demand and accessibility to our work and networks requires that access to the internet will become increasingly desirable from a consumer’s perspective.

An increasing number of international undersea cables are landing on the African continent – positively impacting on lowering the cost and increasing the quality of connecting to the Internet,” Miller elaborates.

“We realise that Incredible Connection customers want faster and easier access to the internet and we are in a position to give them a   head-start. Our positioning as the trusted leader in the provision of consumer and SME technology products and services is further entrenched by providing this service to our customers who understand the benefits of a total solution, not just a singular once off purchase transaction,” he said.

Miller says the new initiative, aptly-named ‘Incredible Connect’ has been developed in conjunction with Internet access and consumer ISP specialist, Branded Internet and is designed to give mass-market consumers access to the wonders of the World Wide Web and the broader Internet.

“The deal is simple,” he says. 

“Customers that buy a computer for less than R6 000 from Incredible Connection from the middle of November 2010, will, as part of their purchase, be given a FREE 39GB ADSL data voucher worth R1 500 for Incredible Connect.

If they spend more on a computer, anywhere between R6 000 and R10 000 the value of the voucher will climb to R2 000, giving them 52GB of ADSL data.

Buying a computer of more than R10 000 in value, will see them receiving a R2 500 voucher, giving them 65GB of ADSL data to use,” says Miller.

“The great thing about this offering,” explains Miller, “is that you’ll be able to choose how to use your data bundle, according to your needs.”

“We have not cut any corners with this ADSL offer and will be giving customers an exceptional experience. We’re providing Incredible Connect customers with a premium unthrottled product. Not only that, but this product is provisioned on our redundant backbone, which is serviced by a combination of upstream bandwidth from both the SAT3 and Seacom cables,” says Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet.

The customer’s only requirement is that they have an ADSL line and router, which if they don’t have, can be facilitated on their behalf with a service provider such as Telkom.

Provisions have been made for people who don’t at this stage have an ADSL line or a router. The bonus is if they choose to switch their line subscription across to Incredible Connect they will receive an additional R500 added to their ADSL data voucher, which translates into 13GB’s of extra data. 

Once an ADSL line is piped into a home or office, by using a wireless ADSL router, customers are afforded greater convenience, accessibility and mobility to internet ready devices such as gaming consoles, notebooks and PC’s.

“We have no doubt that the Incredible Connect offering will see dozens of new ADSL users discovering the joys of broadband Internet,” Miller continues “and we believe this offer will be equally attractive to many existing ADSL users.

With Incredible Connect, there’s truly never been a better time to get connected to the Internet.

We’re looking forward to what can only be a positive market response over the coming weeks,” he concludes.

Last Updated: November 17, 2010

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  1. D--3

    November 18, 2010 at 12:26

    Holy Shit !! Nice, i’m buying a laptop


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