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Press Release: Xbox slashes 50% off LIVE subscription with purchases

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Johannesburg, South Africa – 08 April 2011 – Starting this week, Xbox South Africa is teaming up with its local retailers to offer 50% off a 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription with any Xbox game or console purchased.

Xbox LIVE brings an unbeatable entertainment experience to Xbox 360. Connect with friends, download and play games, and access a huge library of games in an instant.

Xbox LIVE Gold members get the V.I.P treatment, allowing you to play games online with friends or family in your province, your country or on the other side of the globe. Gold membership gets you early access to game demos, exclusive discounts, Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Xbox LIVE gets even better with Kinect.  Kinect makes the Xbox LIVE experience come alive with its full body control, allowing you to navigate menus with the wave of a hand. Together, the power of Xbox LIVE and the magic of Kinect bring you the ultimate Xbox experience.

Visit your nearest Incredible Connection, Musica, Look & Listen, CNA, Hi-Fi Corporation, Dion Wired, BT Games or Makro for this Xbox LIVE Gold membership special, while stocks last.

Follow South Africa’s local Xbox 360 Twitter page @Xbox360ZA and on the Facebook page Xbox 360 South Africa.


Last Updated: April 8, 2011

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