One of my all time favourite iPhone titles,Cut the Rope, has had its sequel released towards the end of last week and I’ve been ignoring friends and family all weekend to get this review to you this morning.

Well that was the plan but it didn’t end up that way, take a look below to see how the sequel to Cut the Rope turned out.

The game starts off with a cute cut scene that has our favourite green monster falling off the back of a truck and being found by a mad scientist. So plot point done let’s get to the puzzles that make Cut the Rope the exciting game that it is.


Level one starts and it’s very similar to the first one with all our favourites returning, spiders, movable rope points and bubbles. The first real difference that you will spot though is that in this Cut the Rope some of the golden stars that you need to collect are moving which means that you are going to need to add more timing skills into your repertoire.

After 25 levels in the first box which take us through moving stars and spikes we are transported into our second box where the latest gameplay mechanic is added. Shooters.. these special object should a piece of string onto your piece of candy and attach it to the candy using a plunger.


The plunger adds a bit of weight so you can get your piece of candy that is stuck in a bubble to start slowing floating down if you add 3 plungers onto it. Each shooting object can only shoot one plunger each so use it wisely and remember once again it’s all about timing.

After you head through 25 levels with the shooters you are transported to the third box which unveils sticky points as a new game mechanic. These rope anchor points and be unstuck from the wall and then re-stuck as many times as you like. The fantastic part about this is that you can have your piece of candy stuck to 2 of these sticky points and then swing your candy across the screen by alternating between stuck and un-stuck on each stick point.


Towards the end of box 3 you start to use all your new mechanics and some of our favourite old ones together to complete the stage and get all 3 of those golden delicious stars. I won’t lie I was loving this new game and was all ready to go out and tell the world how fantastic it was… and then it ended.

Yes 3 boxes is all you get and all in all it took me around 2 hours to get all the levels complete with 3 stars (bar 2 that I am still working on)

Granted the game is only $0.99 but I’d rather have paid $2.99 and received a couple more levels than be left now wanting more and not knowing whether we’ll be receiving them anytime soon.




Gameplay: 9.5

Cut the Rope’s gameplay is fantastic and the sequel has only improved on the first one. Every mechanic is better in every way.

Design & Presentation: 8.5

All you ever see is your little monster in a box with candy and stars so presentation is hard to really score. But the design of the levels is fantastic if maybe a little too easy.

Value: 7.5

It’s stupidly short, so much so that I even felt a little ripped off even though I only paid $0.99 for the title. 3 boxes is just not enough.

Overall: 9.0

Shortness aside you can’t not enjoy this game if you enjoyed the first. It’s an improvement in every way and the only thing that knocked it down was the length of the game. Other than that it’s nearly perfect.

If you’d like to see the new mechanics in action take a look at the video below.

Last Updated: August 8, 2011

Cut the Rope: Experiments

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