Diablo 3 Book of Cain Review – Stay a while and listen

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What’s this? A book review on a gaming website? Why, it’s almost as if Oprah has replaced the staff with clones pre-programmed with Book of The Month knowledge instead og gaming! Not so fast with the pitchforks though guys, as this is no ordinary book.

Instead, what we have here is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and lore, based on the mythology of the super-popular Diablo games. So sit down, relax, and bask in all that information that everybody’s favourite Horadrim, Deckard Cain, has accumulated throughout his journeys of Sanctuary.

First off, lets start with the obvious. This is one fantastic looking book. From it’s raised edges decorating the cover, to the custom tears and faux-aging of its pages, this tome would look right at home in any occultists library.


It’s a meaty book too, and the information flowing within is enough to satisfy any answers regarding the world of man, that the three Prime Evils seem to be extremely interested in. You’ll find origins to the creation of reality, of Sanctuary and the ongoing war between the Angelic hosts and the Burning Legions, while also discovering the true origins of man.

But none of this would be complete however, without a little visual aid to back up the knowledge held within. Disguised as Deckard Cains’ illustration, the book is crawling with beautiful drawings that invoke the spirit of the games.


Its easy to see how Diablo got its signature style and look, with magnificent drawings such as these behind them. All in all, there’s not much else to really say. It’s a big book with more information than you can shake a dedicated Wiki at and lavish illustrations, and writer Flint Dille has created something magical here.

For diehard Diablo 3 fans, it’s an essential part of the Diablo 3 world, and it won’t disappoint.

Last Updated: January 19, 2012

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