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Diablo 3 console review round up

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Ever since getting a bit of hands on with the console version of Diablo 3 at E3 this year, I’ve been pretty convinced that it’s the superior version of the game; offline, 4 player couch and online  co-op, direct controls, a slick easy-to-use interface and the absolute lack of a real money auction house? Yep, already better. But what do the critics think?

So far, it seems they agree with me.

In its 9/10, Eurogamer says that:

Diablo 3 on console is one of the best co-op games money can buy. It swings smoothly from easygoing to intense, with perfectly paced pockets of downtime, and is capable of swallowing entire evenings in a single, voracious gulp. It’s a Lego game for loot-hungry grown-ups and it gets better with every player you add. If you have co-op partners who would also enjoy it, this version is an essential purchase. If you don’t, it’s still easier to recommend than the PC game; almost as slick, even more flexible and usable and without that troublesome always online requirement.

Gameinformer, giving the console version a whopping 9 and quarter, says it’s just more fun on console.

The console version of Diablo III is different from the PC version, and some diehard fans will denounce it for that reason alone. For me, however, it’s different in all the right ways. With an engaging new control scheme, fewer online hurdles, and all the depth of the original, taking on Diablo’s legion of demon lords has never been more enjoyable.

The Official Playstation Magazine, awarding it an 8, compares it to Borderlands 2.

Diablo 3 fetishises mass slaughter expertly, throwing wave upon wave of unholy meatsacks towards you from all angles and letting you enjoy the power you wield over them. Then, when beaten, those meatsacks explode in a glorious, pornographic shower of gold and loot. This is the only game on PS3 that comes close to Borderlands 2’s obsessive item drops, turning each monster into a stumbling lottery ticket that just might hold a game-changing rare crossbow when scratched (well, eviscerated).

In short, it seems that yes – Diablo III is better on consoles. It’s coming to current systems next week Tuesday, 3 September. Also, if you pre-order the game from your favourite local retailer, you could pick up some extra loot. all pre-orders will get an in-game infernal helm, granting an experience bonus – but depending on which retailer you get the game from, you’ll get a different, physical item.

Go with BT Games, for example, and you’ll score yourself a sexy Diablo III artbook. Kalahari.com will give you a sweet Diablo III keyring. Takealot gives you a CD featuring the “Music of Tristam,” and buying from Animeworx will net you a Diablo III notebook. you can find details, pre-order links and pictures of all of that, right here..

Last Updated: August 29, 2013

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