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Gunnar eyewear Reviewed

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You may have noticed our sexy Gunnar advert under the trending stories for the past month and being kind loving readers you’ve clicked on it to see what it’s about right? Wwe don’t charge by clicks) Well if not then let me fill you in.

Gunnar have released a whole range of gaming eyewear in South Africa which is been touted as helping improve your visibility and accuracy in gaming and to ease eye strain in those long standing gaming sessions.

And it can’t really be a fraud since it’s backed by the MLG, Major League Gaming, association in the States can it?

Well we got our friends at Comet Computing to send over a set to Geoff for review and apparently within minutes of him wearing them he had a blinding headache and felt nauseous so it wasn’t the best of starts and he subsequently handed them over to me.


I slapped the sexy MLG versions on my head and headed into the Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon and Dirt Showdown battlefields and didn’t experience any of the issues Geoff had. The glasses have some slight magnification and the yellow lenses do appear to clarify the objects on the screen just that little bit and while I don’t believe for a second that they’ll make me a better gamer I can say that after a while I preferred gaming with them on than without them.

Over the next few nights I used them again and again with each passing night convincing me more and more that these glasses are actually pretty awesome and then I made a mistake.

For once I actually found myself with some gaming time during an afternoon and with the sun shining brightly outside I grabbed the glasses and settled down to save whatever world I was about to enter into but after 5 minutes I felt awful and a solid headache was forming in my skull.

I removed the glasses and everything started getting better again; you see while I think these glasses are great for working in my windowless study, or gaming all night long they completely mess with my brain if there is any sunlight around.


I’ve seen people walking around with them during the day but I just can’t seem to do that without feeling ill.

So as a review, the glasses work exactly as they say they do in a non-naturally lit environment but in my case they can’t be used if you are going to be gaming in the daytime. I’m guessing it’s because they enhance light but I’m no scientist.

I think they look pretty solid, the frames are very bendable which is weird to start off with but you get used to it and they are very comfortable on the my face during longer gaming sessions.

I’m not entirely sold on the idea but if I was heading to a cave, or somewhere indoors, to spend the weekend gaming they would form part of my survival kit.

Expect to see a lot of these at rAge later this year.

Last Updated: July 5, 2012

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