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INSIDE review round up: The follow up to Limbo could be one of the year’s best games

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INSIDE! The newest game from the people who brought you the excellent existential monochromatic platformer Limbo is coming soon, and reviews have started spilling out all over the internet. Also a puzzling platformer, INSIDE is both thematically and visually similar to Limbo. Players control a young boy in an eerie drab landscape. Is it as good as Limbo?

Here’s what critics have to say:

GameRevolution: 4.5/5


Although not the breakthrough that was Limbo back in 2010, Inside is nonetheless a beautifully-crafted refinement of that experience. The art direction is just as haunting, but in a way that’s entirely its own. The amazing musical score can be transporting while at the same time oppressive. And the big finale is open to interpretation in the best way possible. I can’t wait to discuss every aspect of this experience with others. I’m still thinking about being inside one of the year’s most memorable games.

IGN – 10/10


Inside very clearly builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater. Its unimaginable twist may leave you dumbfounded, confused, and quite possibly speechless, but it will fuel heated discussion with your friends about its meaning, its message, and its intentions. It’s a short ride, but one I felt compelled to take again – including a search for its mysterious hidden orb collectibles. Play it soon before anyone spoils a single big moment for you.

Destructoid – 9.5/10


The parallel to Limbo feels necessary when talking to people who haven’t yet played Inside; after finishing it, it feels wholly unnecessary. Inside stands on its own merits as a superbly captivating and moving experience, one that’s bound to be on your mind in the time you spend away from it. Someone once told me that the games you can’t stop thinking about when you’re not playing them are the truly great ones. I’m inclined to agree. Inside fits that mold even though we’ve seen others of its ilk before.

Giant Bomb – 5/5

It feels strange to talk so little in specific about a game I’m so impressed by, and I could write a review three times as long citing examples like the first time you put on that… ah, forget it. This is less a nod to overly sensitive spoiler culture and more an acknowledgement of Inside as a work of singular creativity and meticulous design, one of those games where the more it surprises you, the more it’ll impress you. I have a hard time coming up with much, other than a conclusion that left me wanting a little more, that this game could do better. It’s that question of the gap between ambition and fulfillment, a gap which here is all but nonexistent. Looking at and playing Inside gives the feeling that every surface, every animation, every light and pixel were placed and replaced until they all fit together just right. You see where the six years went. I can’t even picture what kind of game Playdead could make another six years from now.

It’s out tomorrow on Xbox One. It’ll be on PC on July 7.

Last Updated: June 28, 2016

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