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Magic the Gathering: Mob Rule

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Goblins are one of my favourite tribes of creatures in Magic. They are hell-bent on the destruction of their foes and well, just good old destruction in general. They are so focussed on their task that sometimes, okay maybe most times, they end up dying in the process, in not so tiny explosions. But if they manage to take out some of their enemies in the process, so much the better.

So, as I said, goblins have a way of, um, exploding. The Goblin Arsonist, for example, exists only to wreak havoc.This little blighter’s death means he can kill a 2/2 if he was blocked, or get rid of something fragile that your opponent controls. Many opponents will rather suffer the one damage than lose something like their mana-generating creature, which is where Titanic Growth comes in. Your opponent lets you through, rather than losing a 2/2 to your lowly 1/1. Until you make him a 5/5 until the end of turn, after blockers are declared. Suddenly, your opponent is down to 15 life, and your stupid goblin is still alive. Something like that could put your opponent into a Fervor, except that’s your card. Suddenly all of your creatures can enter the battlefield with haste, charging headlong into the fray before working out which is the pointy end of their weapons.

Goblin Arsonist Titanic Growth Fervor

So you have a bunch of goblins, what more could you want? Oh, more of them? Would you like my wristwatch too? Fine, hear Krenko’s Command, and watch those flunkies slink out of the darkness, ready to pillage and loot. Two gobbos for two mana is nothing to complain about, especially if Krenko pops by. Krenko, Mob Boss is a natural born leader. He seems to be able to summon the blighters out of thin air, making him a deadly opponent and a great guy to bring along to a fight. Not sure what to do with so many goblins? Maybe your opponent uses cowardly tactics that prevent you from attacking? No worries, the Arms Dealer know how to deal with a surplus and is a great problem solver. Give this guy two mana and one sucker er, test subject, and he will reduce your enemies to dust.

Krenko's Command Krenko, Mob Boss Arms Dealer

While it cycles out soon, special mention must be made of Goblin Grenade, which has a great synergy with Krenko and his command. Turning a spare goblin into five damage in your opponent’s face is highly enjoyable. If you are looking for more ways to make this deck even more painful for your opponent, you might want to add some more burn. Brimstone Volley is amazing value for mana when a creature dies, and the card doesn’t care whose creature died. Attack all out with your goblins and pop off the volley when one of your guys die and enjoy planting five damage on your opponent. Thunderous Wrath does the same thing, but it can be achieved with a single mana! With a force like this, your opponent shouldn’t feel safe, even with 20 life.

Goblin Grenade Brimstone Volley Thunderous Wrath

Main Deck

60 cards


Evolving Wilds
15  Mountain

24 lands
Arms Dealer
Bladetusk Boar
Dragon Hatchling
Fire Elemental
Flinthoof Boar
Furnace Whelp
Goblin Arsonist
Goblin Battle Jester
Krenko, Mob Boss
Mogg Flunkies
Reckless Brute
Rummaging Goblin
Torch Fiend

21 creatures

Chandra’s Fury
Cleaver Riot
Flames of the Firebrand
Kindled Fury
Krenko’s Command
Ring of Valkas
Serpent’s Gift
Titanic Growth
Trumpet Blast
Volcanic Geyser

15 other spells


Burn is always fun and easy to learn how to play. The added power of green allows for some interesting effects and can result in faster wins or great removal (Titanic Growth and Serpent’s Gift). Intro packs come with two boosters, hopefully netting you some awesome cards. If you got this deck and are looking for more options, let me know, I might just talk until you ask me to stop.

Last Updated: August 1, 2012

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