One of the benefits of being the boss is that I can pick and choose what games to review or not to review. Generally I steer clear of reviewing at all as it’s not something I actually enjoy that much.

However the unfortunate part of hiring two great writers like Geoff and Darryn and having some great reviewers on the team like Garth and Abigail is that none of them seem to understand what sports are. At all.. it’s weird really.

So any sports titles that come in are sent to me for review and generally I enjoy that but not today… today will live in infamy after I received a copy of Move Street Cricket.

I’m a massive cricket fan so the idea of a fun arcade styled cricket title that is played on the streets all around the world actually appealed to me, but let’s get this out the way right up front.

This game is terrible and shouldn’t be purchased.

Not only are the graphics 2 generations old but the audio is repetitive and annoying and doesn’t even match what is happening on screen.

The bowling mechanic using the Move controller doesn’t involve you imitating the bowling mechanic at all, no in fact what you need to do is swish the controller up, down, left or right to choose the type of ball you are going to bowl (which makes no difference really) and then you hit the trigger button to start the power bar.. then hit the move button to stop it.. then flail around like a fool trying to aim the delivery.

It’s a mechanic that is a complete and utter failure and generally results in the AI hitting you for a 4 or a 6.


Fielding is entirely AI driven but really it makes no difference as the AI is just hitting boundaries remember.

The batting however is better, it’s useless and doesn’t work but it’s better than bowling as you can realistically pretend to stand in a batting stance and hitting a six is fun. It’s not as much fun when they decide your ball that crossed the line 50 metres in the air is a 4 but hey it’s all about enjoying yourself.

The problem here is that the precision of batting isn’t very good which makes placing shots nigh on impossible.

The game consists of exhibition games, world tours and training but if you do decide to get this game (it won’t be because of this review) then I’d recommend just going to training and practicing batting. It’s the only enjoyable part of the game.

If you don’t believe me, check this video out showcasing the part of the game that I think really is the best part..

All in all it’s not a good game.. and has no streets.. weird that

Gameplay: 2.0/10.

The best part about the gameplay is flailing your arms trying to bat.

Design and Presentation: 1.0/10.

It looks horrible, the sound is horrible and even so the loading times are a little ridiculous at points

Value: 0/10.

I don’t know how much this game costs, don’t buy it. You will regret it

Overall: 1.0/10.

It’s an insult to the gaming industry that this game wasn’t stopped in QA, we get studios closing who make real games like Blur and Geometry Wars and yet this will likely be a profitable title as nothing has been spent on polish.

Last Updated: March 1, 2012

Move Street Cricket

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