Sunset Overdrive Video Review – What’s my age again?

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As much as I enjoyed Sandy’s words, screw that anachronistic method of explaining a game. We’re all about the video baby! I asked you guys for some questions for the Sunset Overdrive review, for my video specifically. You didn’t disappoint much, so here are the sexy fruits of your labour, which was edited while listening to Blink 182 music.

I’m pretty much of the same mind with Sandy on this game. I dug it, loved the open-world aesthetic and the core gameplay and traversal options are magnificently polished. That being said, it would have been fantastic if some more thought had gone into properly fleshing out the Awesome-colapyse, giving the game some actual challenge and making entry into Chaos Squad a little bit more streamlined and all those other small online things.

but I’ll be damned if Sunset Overdrive doesn’t manage to rise above those criticisms to be one of the funnest games of the year. It was refreshing, in my face and filled with SoCal attitude. It’s not the system-seller I initially imagined for the Xbox One, but it is the kind of game that is a must-have if you already own the console.

That being said, I think the real meat of the game post-campaign is going to be felt in Chaos Squad. If you had a blast a couple of years ago in Mass Effect 3’s online offering, then this might be right up your alley the. It’s your character carried over to various team-based actions, where combos and points do in fact matter.

It’s also massively mental, outrageous and filled with enough explosions to be confused for Transformers 5: The Michael Bayening. But overall, Sunset Overdrive is a damn good game. I’m feelin’ this, you could say.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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