The Killzone 2 Reviews are coming in

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The Killzone 2 NDA’s are expiring which means the reviews have started to flood in.

As I come across some good (well written) ones today I will post them up so expect to see a lot of them today…

The first one I have seen is the IGN video review which has some minor issues about the single player mode, lack of co-op and occasionally dodgy AI. But at the same time sums up the Multi-player as “Awesome”.

The IGN written reviews have scored the game at 9.0 (IGN Australia) and 9.4 (IGN America)

The ozzie guys mentioned single player campaign lasting 9 hours while I am sure the video review said 15… Either way the multi-player is going to more than make up for that and 9 hours is a long enough time for a FPS in my opinion.

Last Updated: January 30, 2009

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