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When it comes to action games, developer Platinum Games can do no wrong. They are the masters of making compelling action games with great combat systems. Darryn’s been pretty excited about their latest game, as it’s a licenced property on one of his favourite anime shows, Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel, The Legend of Korra. Seems like a match made in heaven. Only the game’s straight out of hell. Platinum’s done very, very wrong.

Here’s what critics have to say about the game:

Gametrailers – 6.5/10


There was so much potential for Korra when you consider the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a developer like Platinum to work on the combat, but it seems like the Japanese studio’s B-team showed up for this project. The game is certainly better than any of the previous efforts to adapt the Avatar universe, but it falls short of expectations. On its own, it’s just an average character action game with a bland story that offers little incentive to come back for seconds. You’re better off sticking to watching the show.

Destructoid – 7/10


At the end of the day, I wish The Legend of Korra was a fully-featured retail release. While Platinum has done a great job in terms of delivering a solid action romp, the jarring cutscenes and open-and-shut story leave little in terms of replay value. Avatar and Korra fans will likely rejoice at the fact that they’re finally getting a decent game.

EGM – 6.5/10


The Legend of Korra is a more-than-competent stylish action game and a fine example of Platinum’s pedigree, but as far as an authentic Avatar experience in game form? Not so much. Putting a premium on combat, not characters and story, waters down what makes this Nickelodeon series so special.

IGN – 4.2/10


I have no idea who The Legend of Korra: The Game is for. It’s definitely not for young fans of Korra, as the combat is too unforgiving, the boss battles too tedious, the economy ridiculously punishing, and the story too weak and lacking any of the show’s charm. It’s not for older people who enjoy a good action game, because next to contemporaries like Batman: Arkham City, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and even Platinum’s own Bayonetta 2, Korra looks terrible with its simple two-button combos and poor combat scenario design. I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Gamespot – 3/10


The Legend of Korra has none of the crackle and drama that make the setting so special, but at least Iroh triggered memories of the grand journeys Aang and Korra have taken, and provoked hope that we might yet one day see a game that deserves the license.

Darryn, as you might expect, is inconsolable.

Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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