Ubisoft set the Internet alight with that very sexy/weird trailer they released a while back for their more mature minded minigame title We Dare.

I’ve taken it for a spin to find out whether it’s a just a cheap cash in on the old adage of sex sells or have Ubisoft really taken a solid step into the world of mature gaming and stated to treat us all like adults?

I’ve actually been pretty excited about this game as it has been a frustration for me that it’s perfectly fine to chainsaw someone in half or blow their limbs off with a variety of different weapons yet the idea of a man and woman having sex in a game is still mainly off limits.

I mean it’s gotten to the point where we can now have a multiplayer variant where the object is to kidnap a woman and if she resists slap her on the ass but it’s still impossible to create a real Leisure Suit Larry on the consoles.

So for at least attempting this game Ubisoft deserves a lot of credit and hopefully they won’t stop here and will actually try and bring us a great adult game in the future… because We Dare is not a great adult game by any stretch.

Where can I start, basically the game starts up and you can create and name your avatars that are going to be used in the title, The avatar design screens aren’t bad and you can get a pretty decent replica of yourself going (or the person you desire to be) and then your ready to rock.

Then you start the game and you can choose from 4 pre-set game types or you can make your own game up from the list of mini-games. After which the game starts.

Now the idea is that you will each take turns in choosing a minigame to play from a list of 3 displayed, generally at least one or two of them are dancing mini games and the other can be anything from running through a field and pushing the button displayed to jump or to having to hold a Wii remote up between the two of you while trying to push buttons with your noses.

The fact that you each get a turn to choose a mini game is a good design idea and should be implemented in more mini games, the fact that the mini games are so simple and repetitive shouldn’t.

But even that you can work around I guess, the real problem with this game is the loading times and screens, even if you were getting into the mood hiding under an umbrella or biting the apple the fact that it takes a good minute or more to get from one minigame to the next will destroy that mood.

Why it takes so long to load these severely simple mini games is beyond me and just smacks of laziness from the developers, or more likely they realised the idea just didn’t translate into a decent game and so they decided to just ship it as it stood.

I wanted We Dare to be groundbreaking, good or even just a little naughty unfortunately it’s none of those and truly deserves it’s 12+ rating it received from the ratings boards.


Gameplay: 5/10

The gameplay in We Dare revolves around mini games and dancing and the mini games aren’t even much fun. The naughty mini games are far and few between for some reason which really doesn’t help any mood to build.

Design & Presentation: 7/10

The mini game choosing screen is actually really nicely put together and works well, the mini games graphics are what you would expect on a Wii and the avatar design ability is actually pretty good

Value: 5/10

It’s not a great game but it’s cheap which saves it some points I guess

Overall: 4/10

We Dare is a nice idea and I applaud Ubisoft for attempting something that they knew would cause controversy, but the fact of the matter is that We Dare is a bad game that isn’t worth buying other than to say that you have it. There is nothing worse I could say about this game other than it’s boring.

Last Updated: March 30, 2011

We Dare

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