Jennifer Garner plays Christy Beam the devoted mother of the Beam family whose routine life is suddenly interrupted when her daughter Anna becomes severely ill after a braai BBQ. At first doctors and the family discount the illness to indigestion and then lactose intolerance, but Christy is not convinced and relentlessly fights for the truth. She finally gets an informed medical answer and is told her daughter Anna has contacted a rare and incurable disorder that leaves her unable to digest food.

Her efforts to find a cure for her daughter Anna consume her life to the point where she starts losing faith in her beliefs and herself. She only wants her daughter to survive this and never waivers from her constant struggle to get the medical help her daughter requires. When she eventually comes to terms with her daughter’s condition, another tragedy happens. While climbing a tree, Anna accidentally falls down the hollow tree trunk leaving her unconscious and trapped. Christy’s faith is put to the ultimate test as fear for the worst sets in but then a miracle happens at her lowest point.

I don’t know if there is really such a thing as a spoiler for a movie based on true events but I suggest to fully enjoy and appreciate the story, rather watch it as I did, which is without knowledge of the Beam’s real life story. The movie is touching and the acting abilities of Jennifer Garner were well suited to driving the audience through this mother’s search for answers as she runs an emotional gauntlet.

The theme of the movie is the power of Christian faith – this message of belief does not overshadow the story however it is integral to what drives the characters. The acting of some characters and the story fueled the movie to the end however director Patricia Riggen does not utilize her supporting cast to the fullest. But while these actors are lost on screen Jennifer Garner is given the space to impress faith-based audiences.

The DVD includes the following special features:

  • Commentary with Patricia Riggen and Randy Brown
  • Miracles abound: The making of Miracles from heaven
  • Bearing witness
  • Your Words music montage
  • Creating heaven – concept art exploration

Miracles from heaven BG

I found “Bearing witness” the most interesting feature as it takes you on a day with the Beam family, it’s an honest and real portrayal without the Hollywood effect and adds a good foundation for the movie. Miracles from Heaven also has a creative look behind the curtain into the inspiration of the story of Anna Beam told through Anna’s own words which plays out footage at the end of the film.

Last Updated: September 2, 2016

Miracles From Heaven

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