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Meet the most electrifying man in all of criminal entertainment! The one, the only, the Electrocutioner!



For as long as there has been a Batman, there has been an Electrocutioner to punch around town. The second such man to operate under that identity, Lester Buchinsky assumed the role of the zap-happy criminal after his brother died in action.

Completely terrible at his new career choice, the Electrocutioner would spend the next couple of years getting his ass handed to him by everyone, from Batman through to the Spoiler.


Attempting to raise his profile and become a true villain, the Electrocutioner later worked for Prometheus, planting several bombs around Star City. These bombs were intended to shift Star City into another dimension, but they malfunctioned and instead claimed tens of thousands of lives as the city was destroyed.

Captured and beaten to within an inch of his life by Green Arrow and Red Arrow, the Electrocutioner was later killed by Red while he was still locked up in jail.


Equipment and Skills

Electrocutioner Suit – An advanced combat suit, the Electrocutioner wears the outfit that is laced with micro-circuitry. This suit allows him to emit bursts of electricity that can easily stun or kill a human being.

Essential Reading

Justice League – Cry for Justice

elctro 1

Every man wants to be remembered, but some people take the wrong steps in life to create a legend. The Electrocutioner learns this lesson the hard way, when he helps to destroy a city and thousands of people pay for his arrogance in the process.

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