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A modder turned his GameBoy Color into an Apple TV remote

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I am repeatedly impressed by the ingenuity of modders who through a combination of sheer genius and what I can only assume is a fair amount of boredom, can give ageing technology new life by repurposing them to do something they were not originally intentioned for. This time that old technology is a Game Boy Color that has been updated to make a more superior Apple TV Siri remote- something which is already quite easy to use in the first place.

This below video comes from Italian YouTuber Otto Climan who set out on this ambitious journey to turn one of his favourite gaming devices int something else entirely. Quite why he would want to fiddle with a gaming device that provides many hours of joy despite its age is beyond me, but I guess when you need to make new video content, you go to these sort of extremes.

If you’re looking to attempt something similar, the case used is non-standard and was specifically made by a company called Retro Modding, so this won’t work on any standard GameBoy color out the box. Outside of that extra modding though, the hardware changes are relatively light and the majority of the magic lies in the software changes that were made to work with the Apple Tv. Essentially, Riman loaded a ROM with the Apple’ TV’s different IR codes and button mappings which he could then translate into different buttons o the Game boy itself.

Sure, it’s probable not going to work as well as the standard remote without Bluetooth support, but showing off to your friends that your old GameBoy Color can control your TV is clearly more impressive.

Last Updated: February 9, 2021

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