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Apple working on bringing support to next-gen controllers to iOS soon

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When it comes to playing games on a phone or tablet, utilising the touchscreen can work for some games. For everything else? You just can’t beat a traditional controller. Apple hasn’t had the benefit of being able to PlayStation or Xbox controllers to its devices, but that’s all changing soon.

Earlier this year Apple announced a new game center designed to appeal to gamers and the many games available on its platforms, along with an effort to try and provide controller support, which been realised release with the more recent versions of iOS.

It’s not just the previous-gen controllers though that are being supported, as Apple has announced that its working with Microsoft to ensure that the new Xbox Series controllers will be functional on the operating systems as well.  According to a new Apple Insider report, it appears that the iOS 14.3 version that is currently in Beta does including support for PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller as well, meaning that gamers will be able to utilise their controllers from their preferred next-gen consoles on their iPad and iPhones in the near future.

They are no dates as to when this new update will be available to Apple users but after not really focusing much on gamers for too long and now finally collaborating with the big console manufacturers, it’s great to see Apple continue to build bridges with next-generation consoles.

Last Updated: November 24, 2020

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