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Attila: Total War is the new Crysis

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Attila: Total War is available for PC right now, bringing barbarians to the series large-scale, multi-faceted take on war. It’s a great big beautiful game, but on its maximum settings, it’ll bring your PC to its knees – no matter what video card you happen to be sporting. That’s because the cards that could run it at full tilt aren’t available yet; it’s built with the future in mind.

Speaking on the game’s forums, a spokesperson from Creative Assembly outlined all of the game’s graphical options, and explained why the game’s “Extreme Quality” setting would tax your hardware.

“Please note, that the ‘Extreme Quality’ setting is meant for future graphics cards, not for current gen,” the spokesperson said. “This is why it’s above Maximum Quality.”

It’s not a particularly different approach to The Witcher 2, which featured Ubersampling; a setting that at the time of the game’s release, had just about every gamer that tried it wanting to upgrade anew.  If you’ve been playing the game, and wondering why the game isn’t running as well on extreme as you’d expect it to on your shiny new GTX 980, this might explain it. Of course, it could just mean the game is unoptimised, because while it does look good, it’s really doesn’t look that damned good.

Creative Assembly also outlined why Attila: Total War has a higher minimum specification than the last Total War, Rome II, and why your PC might be struggling to run it.

“[Attila] is based on a newer iteration of our TW Engine. As a result it is more demanding, if you ran ROME II at a certain combination of settings, ATTILA will be different. If you have high end kit though, ATTILA will certainly look more impressive.”

By all accounts, Attila: Total War is a very good game that fixes many of the problems found in the last game. We’ll have our own review of the game soon. Maybe.

Last Updated: February 18, 2015

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