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Facebook acquires VR games developer Downpour Interactive

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Facebook has made it clear that it believes virtual reality is going to be a big industry component of the future. Not only did it acquire VR company Oculus several years ago, but since then it has continued to invest in different technologies and companies involved in the industry, with the company now announcing that it has acquired Downpour Interactive, the studio behind the hit military simulator Onward.

The studio purchase follows Facebook’s previous acquisitions of Beat Games, Sanzaru Games, and Ready at Dawn over the past two years, as the company looks to invest in gaming content for its popular VR headsets and perhaps look to turn it into a legitimate console of its own with high-quality games available to its many users. A smart strategy that should definitely help drive the growth of VR for business. Let’s face it people really only want to spend lots of money on hardware if it can keep them entertained and great games are a good way of doing this.

We’ve seen great success with Onward on the Oculus platform for several years — first on Rift and more recently on Quest. Becoming part of the Oculus Studios family will give Downpour Interactive the opportunity to cultivate both the Onward community with the full support of Oculus Studios resources, and, in the future, pursue other projects.

While Downpour Interactive is a relatively new studio, the company has suggested that new owners with a far bigger chequebook will only help to accelerate its development and current roadmap, while Facebook added that it’s not looking to fundamentally change anything about the studio.

It’s not clear what that Roadmap entails but expect a lot more content built around the premise of Onward from them. People have been enjoying the game and they will want to capitalise on that and improve the experience, making it even more immersive for users. VR may still be in its infancy, but it is growing and Facebook appears determined that it is going to be at the forefront of the industry.

Last Updated: May 4, 2021

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