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Fancy inFamous effects are all done on the GPU

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GPGPU’s are the way of the future; they allow computational work to be offloaded on to graphics processors that aren’t being maxed out, to offload fiddly work that would otherwise be eating CPU cycles. They’re present in all of the new consoles; The PS4, The Xbox One and even the Wii U. One of my most anticipated Ps4 games, InFamous: Second Son, uses the GPU for just about all of its delicious particle effects.

Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming said that all of the particles and fancy effects in the game are offloaded to the far more efficient GPU, instead of taxing the CPU.


“Some of it has been straight forward improvements across the board in terms of the way that lighting and specularity works on surfaces, but there is other areas like particle effects and this is really a big part of Second Son, all these amazing particles and effects that the hero can do and that is a whole new sub system.

We wrote that [code] from the ground up to be targeted at the PlayStation 4 hardware and the whole system takes the work that our effects artists do and compiles it to actually run directly on the graphics chip so it does not even run on the main computer [cpu]. It runs entirely on the graphics system. It lets us have incredible scale, huge number of particles, spectacular effects that we could not have done in any other way," he said in an interview with GamerHub (via Gamingbolt).

The game, in all its neon glory, will be out next March on PS4.

Last Updated: November 29, 2013

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