Gaming laptops are nearly on par with desktops

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If you’re a gamer on the move constantly, you’re probably looking at investing in a new, shiny gaming laptop. You’re going to have to sell a few organs to get one in your bag, so why not wait a few months to get the absolute best? That’s because Nvidia has just revealed a new batch of mobile gaming chips, and they’re pretty powerful.

If you’re a little confused, don’t stress. Yes, Nvidia launched a brand new range of mobile GPU’s just a few months ago. The older  800-series was the reason why the desktop cards completely skipped the 800-series naming, and now it seems like even Nvidia wants to forget about it. The mobile 900-series is edging closer and closer to desktop performance, thanks to the new Maxwell architecture.

For instance, the new GTX 980M delivers around 75% of the performance of the bigger, desktop version of the 980. That’s a staggering achievement when you think of the form factor, and it again comes down to Nvidia’s new baby. Maxwell is more efficient, draws less power and dissipates less heat. All the buzzwords you need for a mobile chip.

The GTX 980M will ship with a 1038 MHz base clock, 1536 CUDA Cores and up to 4GB of GDDR5 memory. The smaller GTX 970M is still pretty impressive, turning down the base clock to 924 MHz, 1280 cores and up to 3GB of memory. Both chips will feature a memory speed of 2500MHz.


Nvidia claims to be closing the gap between laptop and desktop performance, and Maxwell has definitely made strides in delivering. While desktop cards still benefit from major overclocking performance gains, the stock mobile chips definitely make a good case for themselves. The 900 mobile series is also 40% more battery efficient than the fairly new 800-series, which makes it an even better choice if you were planning to take the plunge soon.

The 900 mobile series will also ship with all the new bells and whistles of the desktop version, such as DirectX 12 support, new Nvidia Anti-Aliasing support and the exciting Voxel Global Illumination technology that is set to change the way lighting is rendered on PC. The new chips will also benefit from BatteryBoost, which keeps games playable when the laptop is not directly connected to power. That’s pretty important for a laptop, but something that is still fairly new.

Laptops with these new chips have already hit shelves overseas, so expect some locally fairly soon. Prepare your wallets in the meantime – these won’t come cheap.

Last Updated: October 8, 2014

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