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Gioteck’s EX-02 nextgen headset… wait,what?

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The term nextgen is one of my pet hates. Until a short while ago, Xbox 360 and PS3 were still referred to as nextgen. Now we have rumours of nextgen (nextnextgen) consoles flying around, as developers make us all put our tinfoil hats on. How a headset falls into the category is beyond me, but let me not fixate on the misnomer.

Seriously though, this headset is called nextgen because it makes use of a ‘state-of-the-art’ chipset for noise cancelling and better voice clarity. So now that the confusion of what generation of device this headset is, at least for me, cleared up, meet the Gioteck Bluetooth EX-02 headset for the PS3.


Continuing in Gioteck’s military hardware style, meaning you might lose your gear thanks to it all being camouflaged, this headset is a sleek, comfortable little device. The EX-02 is smaller and more comfortable than the EX-01 [link to your article on the ps3 essentials kit?]. It sill uses the same earhook type, which can be replaced with the included earhook for use on the left-hand side of your head. Besides being covered in camouflage, the control has a soft, rubber feel to it, making for a more comfortable experience when using it for a long time. I can’t help but think it looks like some kind of space fighter jet.

Thanks to the nextgen chipset, the EX-02 makes it really easy to understand most in-game communication, especially your mumbling friends. The speaker sits against your ear, rather than in the ear canal, adding to the comfort of extended use. This also means you are not completely shut off from outside stimuli, something that many gamers don’t particularly want. Having it sit against your ear also means the speaker can be a bit larger, without looking like an overly abused earbud after a weekend of gaming.

The volume control is easy to find and quick to use, even mid game. A slight tap on the power button, which can’t be confused for the other buttons due to it being raised, will mute the headset. The volume buttons are placed nicely on either side of the power button, along the length of the device, in an elongated oval.

The device charges through a USB to DC connector and takes about three hours to reach full juice. Once full, your spaceship headset will emit a cool blue light. Remember that it won’t charge if your PS3 is off. It is a lithium-ion battery, so I expect a bit of longevity from the product. The battery proudly claims it will 8 hours of continuous use to flatten it from full charge, but I couldn’t find anyone who would talk to me for that long online *foreveraloneface*.

A caveat: some PlayStation 3 users may be prompted for a password to pair this device with their machine. The password, which wasn’t in my manual, (but is on the website) is 0000.

The EX-02 is on stores now with an RRP of R299.95 and is one of the better single ear options available.

Last Updated: July 30, 2012

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