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Harley Davidson is building an electric scooter

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Alright, I’m going to grab a coffee while you get it out of your system. While I’m gone, please feel free to beat the dead horse of a joke that is you telling your pal that scooters are great for guys who like to feel the wind in their manginas.

Done? Great!

Listen, scooters (or mopeds if you’re in the US), are fantastic. I’ve ridden proper motorcycles, but I freakin’ adore my little PGO PMX 110 and Yamaha BWS 100. They’re two magnificent examples of scooters done right: They’re comfy, they’re agile and when tuned up properly they can be right proper little beasts that can help you duck and weave through traffic like an experienced boxer avoiding haymakers.

Sure, regular motorcycles are still fantastic, but if you’re the kind of person who dismisses scooters just because they don’t have a throaty roar when you twist the throttle or you scoff at the mere notion of them not even having a clutch lever, then you’re missing out on a fun ride. The times are changing, people find themselves in need of wheels and scooters have managed to carve out a reputation for being nippy, convenient and light on go-go juice.

Something that Harley Davidson has realised, as they’re not only going to be producing their very first moped in the future. They’re going to be making it an electric one as well:

Revealed back at CES 2019, Harley Davidson is still at the prototype stage with its scooter, but the results so far look like absolute fun on a bun. The company decided to do some proper consumer testing, and they released a few working versions of the bike in the snowy roads of Aspen. X Games host Jack Mitranitook one of them for a spin:

I’d sell my left kidney for one of these. While it lacks the boot space of the scooters that I’m used to riding, Harley Davidson’s concept bike just nails the fun factor of these particular bikes. It has the look of a funky monkey, a motorcycle that may be the most enjoyable thing to ride on two wheels if you happen to be in the city. What it looks like now and what it will look like when it hits the market eventually, are two different things, but in an age where the veteran motorcycle producer is looking towards the future of transportation?

Sign me up for a test ride.

Last Updated: February 4, 2019

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