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Has HD-DVD stolen the trophy?

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Don Lindich, a well respected audiophile,  has posted a lengthy but well written article on why he think HD-DVD will win this format war…

Which can be summed up in this one simple point…

It is impossible for me to recommend someone spend double on an unfinished product that merely matches the performance of its competitor. That goes completely against common sense and any reasonable person would agree.

And before anyone jumps up and down about how Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD 2:1 take this into consideration

In a week, the Transformers DVD, a single title in a sea of DVDs on the racks, sold TWICE as many copies as all Blu-ray and HD DVD titles, EVER SOLD, COMBINED

In other words the amount of discs sold already is so minute that numbers don’t mean anything yet. HD-DVD is just as good as Blu-Ray and miles cheaper. There is no reason to think that is ever going to change which leaves us with no good reason to buy Blu-Ray…

I have to say I didn’t see HD-DVD winning this war in the beginning but they are in the lead at the moment IMHO

Welcome, Blu-ray fans! (And HD DVD fans too.)

[Thanks to J4NR1K for the tip]

Last Updated: November 13, 2007

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